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Welcome, Your Life is about to become
a lot more manageable.

You didn’t know you needed me, did you? You didn’t
know all of the things I could do for you. You didn’t know
I was so affordable.

If you feel like you need to duplicate yourself, you
probably do. Now you can!

Your personal assistant can serve you by the hour, by
the project, on the regular, or on a special occasion.
Our goal at 2nd Wife is to bring the luxury of a personal
concierge to time starved professionals and busy parents who need part-time support.

Your 2nd Wife is trained to keep you organized and free
to do what matters to you, whether that’s working or
recreating. Your 2nd Wife can do your laundry, organize your kitchen, run your errands, plan your vacation, and anything else that you can dream up.

2nd Wife, your Personal, personal assistant

Call us at 916-600-9985
for more information.